Rules and Regulations



  1. Students prime duty is to study regularly to achieve academic success. They should be hardworking and persevering.

  2. Learn good things to be good human being and a good citizen.

  3. Practice to be truthful and honest.

  4. Try your best to elevate yourself with good thoughts and behavior.

  5. Imbibe yourself with cultural, social and ethical norms / values.

  6. Be obedient and show respect to your parents, teachers and elders and affection to juniors.

  7. Students must abide by the rules and regulations of the institution.

  8. They must follow the dress code such as House badge, School badge, Name plate, Uniform with prescribed color, shoes, Apron, full sleeve pullover, full sleeve cardigan, ID card etc.

  9. All the students must be punctual in attending school. They must reach before the assembly.

  10. The absentees must submit an application to the principal. In case of a long absence for sickness medical certificate must be shown.

  11. Students are strictly forbidden to adopt any unfair means in any test / exam. Any action taken by the authority should be accepted by the defaulters.

  12. Students should refrain themselves from any kind of detrimental and disgraceful act or behavior.

  13. Students will not loiter anywhere during the school hour except tiffin period.

  14. If the campus is littered with bottles, cans, waste paper, packets etc, students should put them in the wastebasket / bin.

  15. Students should not spoil the properties of the institution. If anything is damaged the concerned student will pay the penalty.

  16. Students should participate in co-curricular activities to excavate their latent talent in other fields.


  1. It is expected that parents would keep a friendly environment at home that can motivate and foster overall development of their wards and create positive attitudes towards education and learning in them.

  2. The guardians should keep in touch with the class teacher regarding the studies and conduct of their wards.

  3. The guardians would keep their wards away from undesirable company.

  4. Guardians have to ensure whether their wards come to school regularly and punctually and return home in due time.

  5. Guardians should be careful about the dress code.

  6. They have to ensure their ward's presence in the CT, MT and Term Exam.

  7. Guardians should check the diary of their wards specially who study in Pre-primary / Primary level and assist them while preparing their lessons.

  8. Guardians may meet Principal with an appointment for discussing on any matter related to their ward.

  9. If a student fails to come to class because of illness, the guardian would submit an application to the principal with a medical certificate.

  10. Guardians should nourish cultural and social values and ethical and religious beliefs and activities in their wards.

  11. Guardians would look after their ward's health and hygiene.

  12. They must attend Parents Meeting. Suggestions on problems and issues discussed in the meeting offered by the parents will always be welcomed for the improvement of their wards.

  13. They would see the lessons and assignments given for the next class and encourage them to prepare those.

  14. A student is not allowed to appear in Term Exam without clearing all school dues. So parents must be very prompt and regular regarding payment of the fees.

  15. If any student adopt any sort of unfair means, if he is found to be guilty of misconduct or he denies the rules of the institution and violates the discipline then the decision of the institution would be considered as the final one.

  16. CESC expects whole hearted cooperation of the parents.

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