Promotion Policy



Final Result

  1.   The final result will be published after making an average of the results of two / three terms.

  2.   Average marks for each subject shall be calculated with the addition of CT and term exam.

  3.   Students will have to pass in subjective, objective and practical examination separately in Junior, Secondary and Higher Secondary Level.


  1. No formal exam will be conducted for pre-primary students.
  2. Class teacher's observation and evaluation will be the basis for promotion to the next class.

3. Pass Marks

  1. Pass marks for each subject shall be as under:

(1) Primary 50% of the total marks
(2)Junior / Secondary /Higher Secondary 40% of the total marks.

4. Re-examination:

Re-examination will not be conducted for a student who misses exams.

5. In case of missing examination

  1. If any student misses exam due to valid reason, the marks of subjects shall be calculated basing on the marks obtained in the other exam. In such case 80% of the obtained marks shall be calculated for making average.

  2. Students who appeared in all exams will get the preference in the merit list over those who missed one or more exam.

  3. Same calculation shall be applied in case of migrated students from EMS if s/he can not produce academic transcript of the previous term exam.

  4. In case of the students migrated from International curriculum, 20% of the obtained marks shall be deducted from the subjects which match with our curriculum for making average. 20% of the obtained marks shall be deducted and directly calculated instead of calculating an average marks in the subject which do not match with our curriculum.

  5. Migrated students must submit previous transcript signed by concerned authority.

  6. If any student misses CT for a valid reason same method of calculation will be followed.

  7. If any students misses exam without valid reason / without approval from the authority, he / she shall not be awarded any marks for the subject missed.

6. In case of failing

  1. Any student failing in one subject shall not be promoted. He / she may be kept in the same class with the request of parents.

  2. Students failing two times in the total schooling period shall be given TC.

  3. Students failing in more than two subjects shall be given TC.

7. Grace marks

  1. Grace marks is applicable for those who fails only in one subject. To grant grace marks the minimum secured marks shall be as under:

(1) Primary section                      – 48%
(2) Junior and secondary section  – 38% (Only for creative portion)

8. Setting Roll Number:

Alphabetical order of the names shall be applied while setting roll numbers in case of the students who secure the same position.

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