Advantages of Online Payment

  • Convenient and easy
  • Private and secure
  • Saves time - no more waiting for the bill in the mail or waiting in line to make a payment
  • Saves money - no more writing checks or paying for stamps
  • Easy for authorized parents and guests to pay tuition bills
  • Online history of e-bills and e-payments
  • Payments are posted instantly to your institute account
  • SMS Notification for your payment


You can save time by using the online payment feature. Rather than writing out payment slip, licking stamps, and filing piles of papers, you can eliminate all of those steps. Management of your debt will become so much easier – and faster.


You can save your transportation cost in each month, which will be really good amount at the end of year.Avoid late charges that can be incurred when a payment is received after its due date. Missed payments could result in any of the following:

  • Late fees
  • Study of the student may be interrupted


Want a more convenient debt management solution? Set for automatic online payment that will allow you to set up recurring payments to be withdrawn from your account on a regular basis. You can reduce the chance of late or lost payments, and save time in the process.If you find that one of your payments is due the next day, online payment is the best way to ensure that your payment will be posted on-time.


Believe it or not, online banking is often considered safer than paying by check. In fact, as a result of their findings in a 2011 Identity Fraud Consumer Report, Javelin Strategy & Research, researchers suggest that, as a method of reducing ID theft, consumers “Request electronic statements and use online bill pay whenever possible.” The dangers of sending checks through the mail have been well-documented. Just make sure to use strong passwords (with letters, numbers and symbols, if possible).

SMS Notification

You will receive SMS notification through your mobile for each transaction, where debit amount will be mentioned.

Access It Anytime

Online payment means that you can do it on your own time whether it can be at night, on the weekend or even on a trip.

Be Nimble, Be Quick

Online Payment takes only a few seconds and requires only a simple mouse click.

Payment History

All the online payment history and details will be preserved and you take print whenever you need.

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Online Payment

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