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1. Students belonging to Army, who have the first preference to be admitted in the school include:

•  Children of Army personnel who are presently serving in the army (present station / Area).

•  Children of Teachers and Staffs.

•  Children of retired Army personnel.

•  Children of Civilians serving in the Army installation / organizations whose salary are paid out of defence budget (excluding Teacher's of Cantonment Board School & subject to vacancy).

2. Students as described above studying in different English Medium Schools located in different cantonments are admitted on priority basis on transfer of their parents. Civilian students studying in different EMSs located in cantonment may be admitted on transfer of the guardians subject to vacancy.

3. During first entry in Nursery or in other classes, Civilian students are admitted after the fulfillment of army students.

5. Tuition Fee (Structures): (Copy attached) Children of army personnel are only admissible at reduced fees / charges. However wards of teachers and staff will also be admitted at the same rate. (Maximum 2 children)

7. Students on transfer from other English Medium School at any time of the year and seeking admission are subject to pay fees according to the instruction of Army Headquarters and Central Coordination Committee of EMS.

8. Maximum seat capacity is 35 students per class per section.

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